Culinia is a food processing company in the UK with 5 sites spread across the country. They placed an ExpressPod by the clocking-out machine at each of their 5 sites. The staff could express their mood with a simple button tap at any point they wanted to through the day.


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One of their challenges is keeping production line staff motivated despite the often monotonous nature of the work they do. This is especially difficult during their peak period; the product they supply is in very high demand at Christmas.

With five working bases spread across the UK, Culinia recognises that their regional teams play an important part in the ongoing sustainability of their company.

While each of their five production centres must maintain a high level of productivity, it can be difficult to monitor staff happiness especially due to the repetitive nature of their work.

Each production facility has a management team that is responsible for monitoring staff and production performance levels while remaining answerable to their central Head Office.

While it is vital to the company at large to ensure that all of their workforces are happy and engaged, it can be difficult to constantly monitor the mood of their staff throughout the day, especially when energy levels start to flag.

Employee feedback via traditional methods of questionnaires and line management meetings can be almost impossible to implement. Staff simply don't have the time to fill out lengthy questionnaires.

Results from staff surveys can be sketchy because not all of the questions will be filled out and generally have a low response rate. One to one line-manager meetings can also often give false data about how staff are really feeling because they may feel quite isolated and pressured to answer questions positively so to not draw attention to themselves.

Culinia food realised that they had no real idea about how happy their staff were in the workplace, but they were aware that the mood was often off-kilter, indicating that there were unresolved issues to address about staff well-being and engagement.

They needed a user-friendly and proactive way to find out if their production staff were happy or unhappy, and if so, why, and then be able to swiftly make the necessary improvements needed.

Smiley Feedback Terminal for Employee Experience


They placed an ExpressPod by the clocking-out machine at each of their 5 sites. The staff could express their mood with a simple button tap at any point they wanted to through the day.

The Ombea dashboard collated these data points into a single Insights Index. This is a number between 1 and 100 that helps the organisation track the ebb and flow of staff engagement.

Installing the ExpressPods in each of the five sites has enabled Culinia HR staff at their Head Office to track employee job satisfaction in real-time. The dashboards were easy to set up, allowing production staff to answer quick, focussed and well-designed questions.

HR managers were able to collect real-time data to uncover the times of day where staff energy and mood was at the lowest. This enabled them to introduce positive changes to their employee's scheduled break times.

The new changes introduced two shorter staff breaks to coordinate with the times where staff were most in need of a break from the production line to clear their minds and recharge their energy levels.

The flexibility of the ExpressPods means that the HR team can keep a regular check on the mood and happiness of their shop floor staff and will be alerted to any issues with staff engagement much quicker than was previously possible.


The impact has been great, according to our contact. They told us, “Before this project, we presumed there were high levels of negativity amongst the production teams.

The data has shown us that it's not as bad as we thought, while helping us focus on the areas that do matter. The very act of measuring and promoting our initiatives seems to have raised optimism levels too.

There's now a better dialogue with the different sites and we're excited by the potential of this to make a huge difference!”

The Ombea ExpressPods are easy and quick to use. Staff can express their mood at any given time throughout the day with a single tap of a button.

It is very easy to change the questions on the ExpressPods so Culinia HR staff can look at changing their focus to gather other useful staff insights throughout the year. This will enable them to bring in new HR policies to further improve working conditions to the benefit and the better well-being of the production staff.

Ensuring that their staff remain engaged and happy in the workplace will also help to maintain each processing facilities high production levels, especially during more stressful and highly pressured times, such as while working on their seasonal production runs.

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