The Société de l’Aéroport de Luxembourg SA, better known as lux-Airport, is located in the heart of Europe. It strives to offer the quality and standards of a large hub airport with comfort and efficiency of a regional one. The airport prides itself on having 4.4 million passengers in 2019, 1,125 million tonnes of cargo (2021), and more than 86 direct flight destinations through 16 different airlines. The airport strives to provide convenience and comfort to all its travellers at all stages of their journey.


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The lux-Airport customer journey stretches from booking to boarding. The commercial team at lux-Airport works on the premise that happier customers will spend more in the airport.

Their challenge was the lack of a reliable customer experience (CX) measure. Previously they relied on outdated survey methods that covered just a 2-week window in the year – clearly inadequate! Without a reliable measure, it was impossible to run effective change management programmes designed to improve CX and, in turn, revenue.

Société de l’Aéroport de Luxembourg SA, better known as lux-Airport


lux-Airport turned to Ombea. Florian Zonker, Marketing Coordinator at lux-Airport, explains why: “We were looking for something easy to implement, easy to use, and easy to understand. It needed to collect data all year round, at all operating times, across the full customer journey. Ombea was our answer.”

Ombea’s solution helps lux-Airport collect real-time feedback at the frontline, in a way that they can turn into real-time action. Ombea provides a complete range of feedback collectors, designed to suit the different touchpoints in the customer journey.

Specifically, lux-Airport has installed Ombea in restrooms, at check-in desks, at information service desks, security checks, food and beverage outlets, baggage reclaim, and in the retail areas. They have also added Ombea to their car-park booking website to collect feedback from all visitors.

Further, lux-Airport uses Ombea’s powerful API to map passenger feedback alongside their own operational data, using Tableau as their business intelligence platform.

Ombea’s solution helps lux-Airport collect real-time feedback at every customer touchpoint.


From Florian Zonker we learn that the Ombea data is vital to their change management programme since it can measure the status quo, provide suggestions for change, and measure the impact.

For example, they recently discovered that the website for parking bookings gives customers a poor experience. Establishing this fact was one thing, but Ombea also discovered many useful suggestions from customers on how to improve. These insights will feed all future website developments.

The airport’s commercial department has also benefited. Ombea enables them to have evidence-based performance reviews with their facilities providers. And that’s just the start. Going forward, lux-Airport stipulates that providers must be plugged into the Ombea data so they can react to customer insights in real-time!

The University of Luxembourg is involved at an academic level. It is analysing lux-Airport’s operational data alongside the Ombea data. The operational data includes statistics such as the number of departing passengers, their airside dwell time and commercial revenues. alongside the Ombea data. The goal is to find the optimal place where change management programmes can have maximum impact.

The best way to summarise the impact of Ombea for lux-Airport is to turn to their CEO, René Steinhaus: “Direct customer feedback is pure gold for us. It helps us to continuously improve our product!”

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