Introducing Gamification

When you use Ombea in multiple locations, you can introduce a competitive element to encourage staff at all locations to be at their best. This is Ombea's Gamification feature.

You've always been able to compare Ombea Touchpoints at different locations against each other, but now we've added a way for you to step up the competitive element: Gamification.

Gamification is a new feature added to Ombea Insights and is suitable for any customer measuring feedback on the same question from multiple locations.

Which location is performing the best overall? Which location had the highest NPS last week? Which location improved the most this week compared with last week?

Ombea measures these factors and Gamification combines them, presenting a leaderboard that compares locations over time. Furthermore, the Gamification feature is designed so that you can run long-term competitions across multiple quarters or years, keeping everyone striving to deliver the best service they can.

To learn more about how to use Gamification with your Ombea locations, read our Guidebook article.

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