Ombea Response® Extensive Features

Enjoy more flexibility.

When building your questions you have two software options. Both are freely available to you.

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Ombea Response™ for Microsoft PowerPoint makes your questions a natural part of your PowerPoint presentation.

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Ombea Response 360™, our floating toolbar, works alongside any other presentation environment such as Apple Keynote, Prezi, and more.

Ask better questions.

Ombea Response supports many question types including


Present up to ten options and get one response from each participant.


Present up to ten options and get multiple choices back from each participant.

Priority questions

Get your participants to respond with multiple options ranked in order of priority.

Likert scales

Use a classic Likert scale and quickly measure opinions on any topic.

Before and After comparisons

Ask a question. Ask it again. See the difference you’ve made.

Open-ended questions

Invite ResponseApp users to respond with free-text answers to your questions.

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Get deeper insights.

Enjoy a range of analytical tools for further examination of your response data.

The Group Analysis feature slices the responses by any demographic group you choose.

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Think freely.

In conjunction with Ombea ResponseApp, your presentation becomes a free-flowing expression session.

Encourage open thought, collect specific feedback, or just get creativity flowing with our word cloud tool.

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Encourage competition.

The competition features add an extra level of fun!

Divide your audience into teams and run quizzes. Rank team performance or single out top-performing individuals as you go.

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Make hard choices easy.

The comparison features make group consensus easier to reach.

With options for multi-criteria paired comparisons, competing ideas can quickly be assessed against each other and summarised in a single, clear chart.

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Instant reports.

Ombea delivers many instant reports in Microsoft Excel and Adobe PDF format.

Powerful Reports.

Generate summary overviews. Analyse your data by demographic sub-groups. Track responses and performance from individuals for instant assessment on the go.

Advanced Merging Facility.

Go a stage further and merge data from multiple presentations for the bigger picture.

Ombea Connect™

Your central data hub.

Get all the response data from your entire organisation in one place with our optional Ombea Connect cloud. Track performance, monitor site-wide usage, and manage it all centrally.

Track and improve performance.

Give presenters and students access to personalised overviews of pass and fail rates, detailed performance, and attendance.

Site Analytics.

Ombea Connect tracks details on Ombea use by Presenter or by Department over any time period, so you can improve adoption as you go.

Central Management.

Manage all your users from one simple dashboard. Delegate control and administration by department for straightforward management.

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