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Ombea discover negative and revenue draining experiences, and turns these into success stories.

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You already know what drives your revenue.

Ombea takes that and helps you win. Whether it’s staff proactivity, customer waiting times, product range, or something else: Ombea drives front-line staff to act in your best interest. Every minute. Every day. At every outlet.

Why does your frontline staff love Ombea?

Real-time clarity.

Instead of assuming customers’ sentiments, your local staff get a continuous stream of customer feedback — all neatly summarized in a simple KPI.

Higher motivation.

By uncovering all customer praise, and clarifying what needs to improve, your local staff is motivated to go the extra mile for your customers. They can easily set targets to work towards, and compete against other stores maintaining high levels of motivation.

Quicker actions.

No matter where the negative feedback comes from, they get notified immediately and can act before it affects the bottom line.

Better proximity.

Your staff can easily reply to all feedback, no matter if it’s publicly on a review site or through a post-purchase SMS. This way, they build loyalty, reduce churn and set themselves apart from other competitors.


Your staff are already busy enough. Our simple to use, mobile-friendly interface makes them motivated and engaged without stealing their time.

Why do performance managers love Ombea?

Better control.

Monitor the experiences delivered by your local sites and have data-driven discussions with anyone falling behind - before more serious issues crop up.

Clearer targets.

Replicate local success across your organization. Compare local satisfaction and encourage knowledge sharing between your store managers.

Clear ROI.

When 86% of customers are willing to spend more money for better experiences, raising your average satisfaction score is an easy to understand objective for improving your financial metrics.

Truly OMNI-channel.

Tie the customer journey together. Keep track of satisfaction at any key touchpoint, including: ecommerce sites, click-and-collect points, home deliveries, self scanning and self-checkout points.

Low friction implementation.

Forget consultants, cumbersome projects or large installations. Everything is designed to be used out of the box. Also, your managers are busy, so our system is easily understood without training.

Why do IT managers love Ombea?

Flexible and brandable collectors.

Whether you choose to collect feedback through our touchless feedback terminals, online widgets, app solutions, QR codes, SMS, email or a public review site, everything is available in just a few clicks. Flexible and brandable enough to fit the most demanding needs.

Enterprise friendly.

No matter how big your organization is, setting up is easy. Build complex organizational hierarchies assigning users and permissions with ease.

Integrate with existing infrastructure.

Using the API you can connect Ombea data with any existing solution within your infrastructure.

Quick technical support.

Although we have plenty of resources to help you get going, we are always just a phone call, email or chat away — completely free of charge.

Upgrade to Total Experience.

Optimize your customer experience by measuring employee experience too. When your front line staff are happy and engaged, your customers will benefit, and so will you.

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