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Ombea helps you discover and address issues before they tarnish your reputation — and your bottom line.

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500 million+ voices heard in over 40 countries.

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Feedback, reinvented.

People want to give you feedback. What they don't want is to jump through hoops and hurdles to do it. Ombea helps you have seamless, fruitful conversations with your audience - whether on-site, online, or anywhere!


SMS, email, QR and in-app.

Touchless terminals and tablets.

Public review sites.


Empower your front-line staff to make a difference.

All feedback is analyzed, prioritized, and automatically transformed into actionable tasks right in your inbox.

Visualize positive feedback.

Immediately get notified about all positive feedback you receive, so you know you’re on the right track.

Address issues.

Get notified the moment you’re falling behind on important tasks or when an issue requires immediate attention.

Close the loop.

Show your audience that you care by responding to all feedback no matter where it comes from. All through one simple inbox.

Manage tasks.

Collaborate with colleagues, delegate tasks, leave personal notes.

Real-time experience monitor.

Get a birds-eye view of the entire operation with “Where”, “When” and “Why” visualizations. Ombea is your real-time experience monitor with insights served on a silver platter. Turn all feedback into a single KPI which is easy to compare, analyze and act on. Grasp your audience’s sentiments and keep your business on an upward trajectory.

Packed with features.

Multiple ready-to-use channels

Physical touchless buttons, touchscreens, website widgets, in-app widgets, SMS, email, public review sites... you name it, we’ve got it.

Multiple question types

Use a range of question types to achieve your goals for continuous feedback.

Smart questions

Keep surveys light with adaptive questions that save your respondents’ time while increasing your response rate.

Branded design

No need for compromises. Make your questions fit your brand and become a natural part of your environment.

Smart notifications

Turn data into action by getting notified whenever something needs your attention or when you just need a motivating nudge.

Simple action management

Reply directly to the people that matter, assign owners to actions, and leave side comments for others - all from a single location.

Smart algorithms

Knowing where and when to act can be difficult. You’re busy enough as it is, and just don’t have the time to sift through all the data. Our platform does the data-crunching for you and gives you actionable steps you can get started with immediately.


Whether you just want quick feedback readings or need to crunch numbers in Excel, our customizable reports have got you covered.


Add experience data to your existing solutions, such as CRMs or business intelligence tools.

Seamless user management

Your organization probably goes through staff changes from time to time. For such situations, you can easily add and remove access privileges to your team members.

OMNI channel ready

Whether you’re online or have a physical presence, we help you catch and address the bottlenecks in your customers’ and employees’ journeys.

Enterprise Security

All your data is securely hosted by Microsoft data centers around the world using bleeding edge infrastructure and is strongly encrypted, both at rest- and in transit.

We’re here to help you smash your targets.

When joining Ombea you will get a team of experts at your fingertips. Helping you and your colleagues get going quickly and maximizing your return on investment.

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