Collect feedback on-site

Capture feedback from audiences in physical locations with easy-to-use feedback terminals.

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The Ombea range of feedback terminals

ExpressPod Small

For a single smiley or multiple-choice question.

A6 / Postcard

ExpressPod Large

For a single smiley or multiple choice question.

Touchless Feedback Terminal with Smileys and Multiple Choice
A4 / Letter


For multiple questions including smiley, multiple choice and free-text options.

Power cord
A4 / Letter

Move forward with touchless feedback.

The world has changed. Today people must be more careful when touching public surfaces. Show people you care and set their minds at ease by using our touchless feedback terminals.

Expect more feedback.

When leaving feedback takes less than a second, you'll get more of it. Place an ExpressPod or ExpressTab at every key touchpoint, and see how 30% or more people passing by stop and rate their experience.

Place terminals without constraints.

You can use the standardized VESA mount, double-sided adhesive or any of the included mounts to place the pods wherever you need.

Customize your terminals.

Customize the feedback terminals to match your unique branding requirements.

Work with flexible question types.

Often a smiley question is all you need, but we’ve got you covered with other popular question types.

Capture the “Where”, “When”, and “Why”

Use the ExpressTabs for free-text feedback, switch to multiple-choice questions on the ExpressPods, or combine any physical terminal with an online survey.

Explore the real magic, where all this feedback is turned to success.

Read more about all the features that are included.


Combine with additional modules to cover more touchpoints.


Understand and improve experience at online touchpoints such as on your website, your intranet, or in your apps using embedded widgets.



Track and manage public reviews about your business. Make sense of every review, understanding trends as they emerge.



Understand and improve experience, whether on-site or online, using emails, SMS or QR codes.


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