How Much Does a Smiley Feedback Terminal Cost?

The short answer: Smiley feedback terminals from Ombea start at $35 per month (billed annually). The long answer: We offer a range of different technologies to help you capture feedback at every touchpoint. The exact price will depend on what you need for your specific scenario. Your best bet is to speak to us so we can advise accordingly.

Battery Terminals vs. Survey Tablets

When choosing a smiley feedback terminal you need to decide whether you want a battery terminal or a survey tablet, which ultimately affects your price.

Ombea ExpressPods are feedback terminals with physical buttons that run on batteries and do not require an external power source which makes it easy to place them at any precise touchpoint of interaction.

Ombea ExpressTab is a survey tablet that has a very similar purpose, that is to collect maximum feedback from passers-by. Yet, instead of physical buttons, it uses a touchscreen to do so. However, instead of running on batteries, the ExpressTab requires an external power supply, which limits its mobility. The main benefit of collecting feedback via a tablet is multi-tier surveys, which means that you can ask your customers or employees to respond to more than one question at a time.

Feedback Terminals as a Service

Ombea employs a hardware as a services (HaaS) business model when it comes to selling the feedback terminals. This means that you, as a customer, benefit from reduced upfront capital expenses allowing you to focus on managing the experience at any scale without the need for a significant investment.

In addition to reduced upfront costs, it is often easier to get approval for hardware as a service compared to paying for the equipment upfront which typically takes several layers of management approval.

In fact, you never pay for hardware. Instead, you pay for monitoring the experience at a particular touchpoint on-site. Therefore, you are not responsible for maintenance. If the feedback terminal falters, you can just call us and we’ll dispatch a replacement terminal if it’s not possible to fix it remotely. This way, you minimize downtime.

Obsolescence won’t be a problem either. The ‘Voice of the Customer’ market is evolving rapidly, and so do our feedback terminals. With feedback terminals as a service, we will replace your pods as soon as we invent a better way to collect feedback at your touchpoints.

Flexible Bundles

Your touchpoints will vary in terms of their physical makeup. Capturing feedback at each touchpoint will, therefore, require having different kinds of terminal. For example, you might use a small smiley feedback terminal on your meeting room wall, a large free-standing feedback terminal with multiple-choice buttons for evaluating your product range, and a survey tablet with multiple-tier questions before the exit. Thankfully we have you covered since our range covers all these options!

Multi-benefit Hybrid Bundles

Collecting feedback on-site and online often goes hand in hand, and you will want to analyse the data using a single dashboard. While you can use our API to integrate feedback form on-site, Ombea makes it easy to bundle three feedback collection methods: on-site, online, and ‘anywhere’.

As you have guessed already, collecting feedback on-site requires feedback terminals. For the online option, you can complement the terminals with a customisable website widget from Ombea. The ‘anywhere’ option is based on a branded mobile survey that you can easily distribute via SMS or email, meaning your customers or employees can answer it anywhere.


With so many options to consider, feedback terminal pricing ultimately varies depending on your needs. While prices may start at $35 per month for a small smiley feedback terminal, this number can go up or down depending on the number of touchpoints and other feedback collection tools that you take in addition to your on-site terminals. Hence, the best way to determine how much the feedback terminals are going to cost you, in your context, is to have a quick chat with us about your needs and preferences.

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