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Take Control of Your Online Presence with OMBEA

If you're looking to monitor and respond to public reviews quickly and from a single place, read on.

Niclas Forsvall New Chief Commercial Officer at OMBEA

OMBEA is strengthening its leadership team with business development and digital transformation p...

Easily Stream Your Surveys in Multiple Languages

Now you can easily localize your streams and allow your respondents to view and answer your surve...

Trigger Actions Based on if Your Respondents are Satisfied or Not

Now it is possible to direct your respondents to a relevant post-survey experience where you can ...

Beautify Link Streams

Using Link Streams to capture real-time feedback just got a lot prettier.

New Feature: Branching Link Streams

Branching logic is used to guide respondents through questions that are most relevant to them. Sh...

New great Insights UI features you should know about

From subtle improvements to major changes, here are some of the new features that you are getting...

New Touchless Feedback Terminals

The way businesses operate and interact with customers has changed significantly in a very short ...

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