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Bagsværd Apotek uses both the Ombea On-Site and Anywhere modules to dig deep on customer satisfaction. As part of the Danish network of pharmacies, they are required to gather extensive data on customers and their satisfaction with the service provided. Using Ombea, Bagsværd Apotek stopped chasing customers for survey responses, automated customer feedback capture, and got more (and better) feedback than ever before.


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Pharmacies in Denmark must abide by strict quality standards. At least once per year, they are required to assess customers’ satisfaction with two key services: general consultations and “medicinal conversations” (medicinsamtaler) for people with chronic diseases.

Before Ombea, there were two key problems with gathering customer feedback. The first was complexity. Every three years, an external consulting firm would take care of capturing customer feedback, but the surveys they distributed were long and largely ignored by customers. However, the pharmacy did receive a detailed report afterwards.

Still, those who were willing to answer the long surveys were those who had a strong opinion - whether good or bad.

The second problem was difficulty. With the satisfaction surveys being long, it took significant effort to convince customers to fill them out. This became the on-site staff’s responsibility. With an otherwise packed schedule full of consultations and general front-of-desk management, this was not sustainable in the long run.


Bagsværd Apotek needed to capture as much customer feedback as possible with as much detail as possible. All this without further encumbering the on-site staff. For this, they created the following setup:

  • On-site module: A large ExpressPod smiley terminal at the entrance of the pharmacy.

  • On-site module: A small ExpressPod smiley terminal in the conversation room where consultations and “medicinal conversations” happen.

  • Anywhere module: A mobile-based follow-up survey that can be distributed by email, SMS, or QR code.

With both the large and small ExpressPods, the pharmacy can check if people are generally satisfied with services received. While simple at first glance, this general feedback data gives the pharmacy a birds-eye view of the overall operation, allowing them to act when necessary.

For example, if they detect that on Wednesdays from 1PM - 3PM there’s an unusual amount of sad face button presses, managers can work with the on-site staff and together pinpoint what’s causing the dip in customer satisfaction.

With the Anywhere survey, they can ask for specific written feedback. This is especially useful to assess the quality of their one-to-one consultations and “medicinal conversations.” After a consultation or conversation, the pharmacy shares a follow-up survey either through email, SMS or a QR code. The survey asks the visitor to comment on the service received in their own words.

What’s more, the feedback is anonymous. Unless the customer writes their name on the feedback comment, Anywhere surveys are 100% GDPR compliant.

Smiley Feedback Terminal in a Pharmacy
Smiley Feedback Terminal


  • More feedback: 700 - 1000 customer responses per month since starting with Ombea.

  • More specific feedback: Using the follow-up surveys, they’ve discovered the way certain questions are posed, as well as certain staff behaviours, can negatively affect the customer’s experience in one-to-one consultations and “medicinal conversations” - even if the medical advice was good.

  • Less stressed workers: Leaving feedback with Ombea is as simple as pressing a button, so workers no longer need to “hunt down” customers to fill out surveys.

  • Track quality standards without any additional work: Ombea requires very limited oversight. Bagsværd pharmacy management only logs into the Ombea Insights dashboard once or twice per week to check that everything’s all right. When something’s amiss we send them specific alerts, so they don’t need to be glued to the screen all the time.

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