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Parallax Finance uses Ombea ExpressPods to keep track of their employee experience across different offices around the globe.


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One of our customers in the finance industry is a personal credit business. With headquarters in Britain, they have offices in several locations around the world, from Central America all the way through Europe to Australasia.

Despite the ongoing growth of personal credit providers that serve customers through online portals, Parallax recognise that their telephone sales force is core to their growth. Rather than outsourcing this core function, Parallax runs their own in-house sales call centres from each of their global offices. Each sales team is responsible for the local market while remaining answerable to the overarching business.

It goes without saying that it’s vital to ensure all the call centre staff are happy and engaged! In the past, the organisation has kept on top of employee feedback through traditional methods such as their quarterly ‘town hall’ meetings, annual staff survey, and individual 1-1s with line managers.

Solution Requirements:

  • Simple to use;
  • Scalable across all offices;
  • Single dashboard for all locations;
  • Easy to compare & learn from different teams.

However, since their success depends on daily engagement of their employees, Parallax Finance realized that they need a way to be able to ‘take employee temperature’ in real-time, taking action as soon as their employees lose motivation or fall prey to stress.

The solution had to be simple to use and scalable across their different offices. It also had to provide aggregate data from all their locations for comparison in a single dashboard so that that different HR teams could benchmark their policies and also learn from each other.

Employee Experience Feedback Case Study


A year ago, after exploring many options, Parallax Finance came across Ombea ExpressPods. These happened to tick all the boxes.

First of all, staff could express their mood with a simple button tap at any point they wanted to through the day. The Ombea dashboard collated these data points into a single ‘Insights Index’. This is a number between 1 and 100 that helps the organisation track the ebb and flow of staff engagement.

As the year went by, they realised they could make even more use of the ExpressPods since it’s so easy to change the question. They now change the question as and when needed, usually every fortnight, to keep the project fresh and to keep the engagement with the sales team alive. The difference has been dramatic, according to our contact. They told us, “Before this project, we had no idea how staff felt but we knew we weren’t doing the right thing by them. Now, we have local managers taking charge of local feedback, and from our London office, we can monitor how it’s going at all the sites at the same time. The fact that it’s so agile, and reports so frequently, has been revolutionary for us!”

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In addition to being able to track employee job satisfaction in real time, the HR managers were able to discover what new HR policies have initially failed and take action to correct them.

For example, one project introduced new team chat software to replace 1:1 meetings with line managers. One week before the new software launch, employees used the ExpressPods to rate the support from their line managers. Then, a week after the news software was launched, they repeated the same question. The result was unexpected; the new software, which was supposed to improve employee-manager communication, was dividing opinion strongly. The percentage of employees that rated communication as unsatisfactory jumped from 15% to 20%. In contrast to this, the percentage of employees who were completely satisfied with communication increased too.

At first, the HR managers were perplexed. It seemed strange that the measurements could have increased at both ends. A quick chat with employees illuminated the problem: Training. The software was working as intended, and the employees who understood it improved their communication with their line-managers. A smaller fraction of the employees did not completely grasp the functionality of the new software which led to frustration and disappointment.

The HR team was able to remedy this with a few videos about how to utilize the new software. They told us, “The problem with the new system could have been overlooked for months if not longer without the real-time data from the ExpressPods.”

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