Delete responses, randomize multiple-choice blocks

We've squished some bugs and added two new features following requests from customers like you.

Today we've rolled out a new version of Ombea Insights. Apart from dealing with some bugs, we've added two new features.

  • Added the ability to remove responses from a Survey Stream (i.e. all Stream types except ExpressPod and ActionPad Streams).
  • Added the option on Multiple Choice Blocks to randomize the order of the answer options when shown to the respondent.
  • We also dealt with some bugs and added some interface improvements.

Remove responses

We understand that sometimes you'll want to remove responses that don't belong in the 'real' data. For example, you might have set up your stream and tested it. Now, you can delete your test entries! To find out how, read our Guidebook article.

Animated gif of deleting responses

Randomize multiple-choice blocks

It's well established that bias can creep into your survey where people prefer options towards the top of a multiple-choice list. By randomizing the list, Ombea will help you prevent the bias and make your results even more reliable.

You will find the randomize option whenever you insert a multiple-choice question block.

Animated gif of randomizing order of options

Find out more

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